FREEDOM® comfortTMROM Elbow Brace has been designed for increased ease, comfort, and effectiveness in the treatment of post-operative elbow rehabilitation. Range of motion can be set prior to application, making it more comfortable for the recovering patient. Once in place, straps can be gently tightened as necessary, and further adjustments are easy. Brace also features tool-free adjustable stops that may be set for extension or flexion in a range of 0° to 120° in 5° increments. And since stop pins are attached, if they're removed during adjustment, you won't have to worry about losing them! Another new feature of the ROM Elbow Brace is a padded, cloth-covered foam strap that acts as a sling, making it easy to reposition the shoulder for additional comfort when necessary. Brace is completely enclosed in high-density foam for total comfort. Cushion cuffs conform to the body and are fixed to uprights and covered in a thick fabric, to facilitate surface cleaning. Suggested code: L3760. Sizing: Measure circumference at belly of biceps. Small/Medium fits 9-1/2" to 13" Medium/Large fits 13" to 18"

FREEDOM® comfortROM Elbow Braces by Alimed